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Roads of Ithriyah

Ahmad (Shayan Bayat), a Syrian militant, wakes up with a concussion and realizes he can't recall what side of the war he was fighting for. As he is escorted back to the fight by a mysterious soldier (Bahram Heidari, voiced by Garry Chalk), memories of his mother Atifah (Mitra Lohrasb) and sister Safiyyah (Priya M. Kooner) begin to piece together the reasons he picked up arms.



FILM THREAT (Alan Ng, Feb 7, 2022)

“(...)Roads of Ithriyah is not your typical war tale. There’s a poetic nature to Ahmad’s journey. As he struggles to piece his life together, Ahmad is thrown back and forth between three timelines.(...) [It] is not the story of a particular battle. No guns are fired, and the violence of war is shown through flashbacks or off-camera. What Badillo does is stripped away the title of “soldier,” “militant,” and “refugee” and present Ahmad’s humanity.(...)" 

REVIEWS (Amazon Prime US​)

“I am in the middle of watching it again, and it is just as mesmerizing as it was the first time.... very skillfully crafted with beauty and sensitivity" Becky R.

"Memento meets Lone Survivor.” - Mara J.

“Beautiful cinematography and overall an excellent film.” - Lauren

“Interesting and thought provoking watch. Enjoyed it.” - AT

“Good story line and it feels like you are there.” Jamie K.

REVIEWS (World Premiere, MENA Film Festival, Nov 24, 2021)

“Roads of Ithriyah is a transformation in the discussion of war and also in storytelling: that smooth, harmonious integration of visual art, poetry, stream of consciousness, and time/geographical existence. It takes real skill to tackle deep philosophical questions with such minimalism. Shayan’s performance was phenomenal. Congratulations on the premiere of this gem.” – Aixa K.

 “It lingered with me - and continued to linger - two days later.” – Christie M.

 “The photography was magnificent and there were lots of lovely details (like the fact that our protagonist was in his military wear in the domestic scenes!). Terrence Malick is my favorite director (auteur) at the moment, so you'll guess that I loved the voice-over and the poetic feeling.” – Kari T.

 “Inspiring and illuminating” – John L.

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